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Performance Based Standards 2019

Freight Task Analysis

A joint report by the TCA and ARTSA May 2019

Performance Based Standards 2019

Australia’s PBS fleet

A joint report by the NHVR and ARTSA May 2019

Performance Based Standards 2018

Australia’s PBS fleet

A joint report by the NHVR and ARTSA May 2018

Higher Productivity Vehicle Industry Case

Reproduced with permission of Department of Transport, Ministerial Freight Advisory Council

ARTSA's Brake Test Investigation

ARTSA ADR80 response February 2013

Braking Code of Practice

Safe Truck

A publication by the Transport Safety Group on key safety features of modern trucks.

Safe Trailer

A publication by the Transport Safety Group on key safety features of modern trailers.

Why Trucks Catch Fire

Truck fires are not an uncommon occurrence. Dr Peter Hart has written this guide to Why Trucks Catch Fire to share his experience with industry on his perception of common causes. It is published by ARTSA for the information of the truck industry in general

Low pressure braking research

ARTSA has commissioned Monash University to study brake performance under low pressure application. Its where over 90% of braking occurs yet little is understood or has been modelled. Three Monash students have ben funded by ARTSA to undertake a research project that will conclude later this year. Their preliminary report is now available.

Air suspension code poster

This poster summarises key aspects of the ARTSA Air Suspension Code of Practice

A guide to the application and use of suspensions for multi combination vehicles

This Guide is intended to assist people involved in the design, construction and operation of multi-combination vehicles to better understand the:

  • basics of multi-combination vehicle dynamic stability
  • best-practice multi-combination vehicle design principles
  • set-up of suspensions for multi-combination vehicles
  • selection of suspension systems appropriate to the application
  • dynamic stability of multi-combination vehicles.

Using Performance Based Standards (PBS) to design a high productivity urban rigid truck

This presentation sums up the ARTSA Student prize for 2004 and covers the design process used to develop a high productivity urban rigid vehicle using the Performance Based Standards (PBS) process. For more details on PBS, refer to the document PBS Explained in the ARTSA Library.

Design of Vehicle Body Systems for Load Restraint Compliance

“This document contains best practice examples of load restraint equipment. It is intended to assist vehicle designers, body manufacturers and transport operators identify options for improved load safety.”

PBS Explained

“This document provides a straight forward explanation of the key measures behind the concept of performance based standards. It is an illustrative reference guide and not a comprehensive technical manual. Readers will be able to appreciate the various measures that are proposed to assess the performance of vehicles on the road and their impact on both safety and infrastructure.”

Braking Presentation by Greg Byrne of Air Brake Corporation, 28th November 2003

A comprehensive presentation on emerging commercial braking technologies including compatibility issues with existing equipment, load sensing, EBS and TEBS.

Notes from Braking Session, 28th November 2003 (28 KB)

A summary of the issues raised during the braking meeting.

ARTSA breakfast Hassal presentation 30 Oct 2003

A paper by Kim Hassall of Australia Post / Melbourne Universty on the information and computing technology (ICT) opportunities in transport. Presented at the ARTSA breakfast, 30 October 2003

ARTSA breakfast IAP presentation 30 Oct 2003

A paper on the intelligent access project (IAP) and its potential productivity benefits for transport. Presented at the ARTSA breakfast, 30 October 2003 by Dean Zabrieszach of VicRoads

Potential use of hydraulic regenerative drive systems in heavy vehicles

ARTSA sponsored a student project to investigate the potential of regenerative braking on vehicles. Paul Matheson from Monash University presented these findings at the Technical and Maintenance Conference in Melbourne in November 2003.

Air Suspension Code

This code recommends practices and procedures that will help the vehicle owner, maintenance staff and drivers to better understand the operation and maintenance of air suspensions.

Final Thesis Presentation

“Improving the lifetime of small-radius heavy vehicle tyres by understanding the interaction between axle-hop and tyre rotation. By Christos Tsangalis and Kirk Berenger…”

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