ARTSA releases latest heavy vehicle registration data

Recorded on February 4th, 2015

The quarterly data summary of Australian heavy vehicle registrations has been posted to the ARTSA website at http://www.artsa.com.au/store

The free download provides a summary of the quarterly changes in heavy vehicle registrations in Australia. The table below summarises these changes for the 12 months to mid January 2015.

Change over 12 months to January 2015

New Retired Net Total registered
% % % Jan-15
Trailers 5.0 1.5 3.5 234259
Prime movers 5.8 3.8 2.1 100627
Rigid vehicles (>12 tonnes GVM) 3.8 1.9 1.9 176337
Special Purpose Vehicles 4.7 2.6 2.1 51702
Buses 4.9 3.2 1.7 26672
Total 4.8 2.2 2.6 589597

Prime movers were the stand out for 2014 with a 5.8% increase in new registrations followed by trailers at 5%. Once retirements are accounted for, trailers added a net 3.5% to their total of 234,259 registered trailers at mid January 2015.

There is a large difference in the retirement rates during 2014 with trailers having a low retirement rate of 1.5% compared with prime movers at 3.8%.

From the March quarter, ARTSA will be able to make quarter by quarter comparisons with the preceding year to see if seasonality is playing a part in order and retirement patterns.

These statics will be discussed at the upcoming ARTSA meeting on the 25th February being held at ARRB Group. Details of that meeting are at www.artsa.com.au

ARTSA media contact: Rob Perkins, Executive Officer, tel 0411 402 832, email exec@artsa.com.au

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