ARTSA Chairman’s message for 2017

Recorded on January 16th, 2017

ARTSA’s domain is suppliers of hardware and services to the Australian Road Transport Industry. In 2017 ARTSA will build upon its track record to deliver significant benefits to its members. Our current core activities are:
- Promoting and advocating functional and sensible regulatory change: ARTSA is perusing important change proposal for brake rules ADR 35 & 38
- Sharing knowledge and skills in our industry: ARTSA will again run training in 2017. The first training sessions will be in February
- Advocating the use and benefit of quality components and their identification: ARTSA is pursuing a recognition system for replacement parts that will allow ethical suppliers to declare compliance with standards and procedures
- Promote the correct maintenance of vehicles and components through best practice: ARTSA will again co-host the Technical and Maintenance conference in 2017
- Keep members informed about important developments within our industry: Our March Modifications and Innovation conference will allow delegates to consider the proposed amendments to Vehicles Standard Bulletin No 6 and to provide feedback directly to the NHVR
- Assist in the provision of useful market information to members through ARTSA Data: ARTSA Data’s quarterly review of registration data for all heavy vehicle registration categories is informing the market of trends. We have recently renegotiated our agreement with NEVDIS and increased the scope of information that is provided
- Encourage networking and the development of personal and corporate contacts: ARTSA’s four quarterly meetings and technical working groups provide the basis for networking within ARTSA
- Identify and seek access to research and development funding: ARTSA will again work association with Monash University on a project of interest to members

In a crowded association space the ARTSA Executive is acutely aware that ARTSA must do useful things. In 2017 we will continue to co-operate with the ATA (ITC) and the CVIAA and CVIAV and build our relationships with these important industry associations. This co-operation will result in a range of joint activities in 2017.

Peter Hart
Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association
January 2017

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