ARTSA launches latest round of training

Recorded on August 29th, 2014

The ARTSA training courses on truck and trailer engineering as well as a separate course on certification and homologation are being held at Lifesaving Victoria in Port Melbourne from the 1st to the 3rd October.

Truck and trailer engineering

1st and 2nd October

This course describes in practical terms, the basic engineering principles and characteristics of heavy vehicles and their components. It covers:

  1. Forensic inspection
  2. Truck and trailer fire causation
  3. Vehicle dynamics and PBS assessments
  4. Tyres and drag
  5. Vehicle crashes
  6. Vehicle braking and stability
  7. Wear and failure modes of metal and bearings
  8. Engine performance and technologies
  9. Vehicle stability control
  10. Mechanical couplings
  11. Tyres, axles, ride, alignment and steering

Certification and Homologation training

3rd October

This course describes in detail the certification requirements for heavy vehicles covering:

  1. Modification for heavy vehicles
  2. Vehicle certification responsibilities
  3. Road vehicle certification system
  4. Certification of heavy trailers, ADR compliance and modifications as well as special purpose vehicle approvals

Both of these courses are popular and suit people with a professional interest in heavy truck and trailer safety and mechanical performance. Whilst the courses have a strong engineering flavour they are not only for engineers. They present accurate information at a level that will be readily understood by inspectors, insurance assessors, fleet managers and workshop managers.

Course notes will be provided as part of the registration fee.

For more details and on-line registration go to www.artsa.com.au/training

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