ARTSA Matters May 2018

Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders Summit

Another very successful Leaders Summit with great ideas for improving safety (such as doubling or trebling PBS take up!) through to technologies that can enable the establishment of provenance and traceability of parts (using Block Chain) as well as an unscripted debate over PBS access.

The speech by Australia's Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel (appropriately titled “what the truck?”) was a perfect opening to the event and has already been voted speech of the year by Campus Morning Mail. To quote: “Dr Finkel delivered his usual erudite, amusing, inspiring address with applications way beyond the room he was working. He talked of the challenges that confront people with new ideas, about the endless effort required to win public support for innovation and keep the community’s confidence. Dr Finkel’s had messages for truckies: Regulation is a friend if it protects consumers and pushes progress. The new frontier is ideas – artificial intelligence, data analytics and the blockchain."

It was the perfect opening for another ideas-laden event.

Global Leaders Presentations

These will be posted soon to the ARTSA conference site and I will advise when all are up. We are also producing a summary report of the highlights. Needless to say there is no substitute for being there so make sure next time that you are in the door and not reading this after the event!

PBS Report

ARTSA and the NHVR jointly authored a PBS report and released it at the Summit.

It shows a 17% market share for PBS vehicles in 2017. This is a phenomenal achievement and the signs are it is getting stronger. Yes, there are always wrinkles and opportunities for improvement and the NTC is currently conducting a comprehensive review of the schemes conduct. Yes, access is a major issue but one that the NHVR nor NTC control.

We are blessed with three levels of Government in Australia and our third tier (Local Government) are not always keen to roll over and allow access. Bridge capacity is also an on-going issue and this often falls with the State Road Agencies. These are the “known knowns” of PBS and there is considerable energy being devoted to solving them. Can ARTSA play a part in helping this along? Our next meeting on the 30th May will see. More on this below.

Brisbane meeting – 30th May from 10.30am at NHVR

Given that PBS as well as the Heavy Vehicle Law, enforcement, CoR, electronic work diaries, modifications (VSB6) and the responsibility for vehicle registration (to name a few) now rest with the NHVR, it is time to go and hear how each of these issues is progressing. We have a meeting scheduled for:

When: 10.30am – 3.30pm,Wednesday 30th May
Where: NHVR Offices, 76 Skyring Terrace, Newstead

If you understand the value of relationships, this is a must attend meeting and it is free to attend. To come along, you MUST reserve a place with me at exec@artsa.com.au

What follows the meeting? – a dinner!

On the 30th May for those who are overnighting in Brisbane we are holding a casual dinner at the iconic Breakfast Creek Hotel.

It's a “parma and a pot” affair and I have a big table booked for those attending. It will be $50 on the table on the night. To make sure there are enough chairs you need to let me know on exec@artsa.com.au or when all else fails tel 0411 402 832

Be there or we might talk about you!

Engineers Registration Bill (Victoria)

This issue is still very much on the table and will go to the Upper House for a vote possibly in early June. It is contentious in many ways and ARTSA along with CVIA and VACC have sought a legal opinion - the summary is here.

In essence if this gets up expect compulsory membership of Engineers Australia, compulsory professional training and much more in terms of a complaints process. It is over the top in terms of regulation of a profession and will not only add cost but provide an incentive to move engineering work out of Victoria.

What can we do? The Liberal and National Parties support our views, however the future of this Bill will be determined by a handful of Greens and independent Upper House members in the Victorian Parliament. Whilst VACC, CVIA, ARTSA and others have been lobbying to secure the support of these independents, in can be concerns expressed by members such as yourselves that can make a difference. The list of Upper House members is here. Find one or two Greens or Independents and contact them with your views. It can be very powerful if you do so.

Winner, winner…our Chairman Dr Peter Hart

The wrap up of MegaTrans included an awards dinner organised by the Logistics and Materials Handling Magazine. Known as the Mercury Awards, it included a Victorian Government “Contribution to Industry Award” which was won by our Chairman Dr Peter Hart.

This award recognised Peter’s contribution as Chairman of ARTSA for over a decade and his championing of the ARTSA Data initiative as well as many other issues. It is not often that you get a pat on the back and Peter certainly deserves this for his many years of dedicates service as our honourary Chairman. Well done Peter for being recognised and for the Victorian Government to recognise through Peter, the valuable work that ARTSA is performing!


Rob Perkins
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