ARTSA Matters August 2019

ARTSA Data Day

The fourth annual ARTSA Data Day covering the latest data on medium and heavy vehicles, will be held on 17 September at Lifesaving Victoria, 200 the Boulevard, Port Melbourne.

The Day will cover:

  • Data sources for heavy vehicles and freight
  • SARN, RVCS and other sources of information
  • Current heavy vehicle data and forecasts
  • Challenges ahead for heavy vehicles and freight
  • ARTSA Data Day is for those who want to know the latest trends and predictions affecting our industry.
  • To register go to www.artsa.com.au/data

    Truck Fires Conference

    The Heavy Vehicle fires Conference was a great success with around one hundred attendees from truck and trailer manufacturers and suppliers, transport operators, regulators, insurers, enforcement personnel and forensic investigators discussed the causes and prevention methods including improved maintenance and technology such as fire suppression equipment as well as wheel and tyre monitoring devices,” Dr Hart said.

    A demonstration of fire suppression equipment was held to highlight how engine fires and be controlled within seconds. The fire suppression equipment is fitted to all Australian buses but unfortunately few truck operators have followed their example.

    Dr Hart highlighted a grant provided to ARTSA by the NHVR that will enable ARTSA to produce a Truck Fires safety package. ARTSA intends to work co-operatively with other industry groups, including the National Bulk Tanker Association, to produce a useful guide.

    Professional Engineers Bill

    Unfortunately, legislation to introduce compulsory registration of engineers in Victoria recently passed the Upper House of Parliament. The new law will mean that it will be compulsory for engineers to be registered to operate in Victoria and it will be an offence for a person to call themselves a professional engineer if they do not have the right qualifications.

    The Government has advised that it will conduct public consultation to develop the regulations that will support the new law. ARTSA will be involved in the consultation process to hopefully obtain some good outcomes from this flawed legislation.

    Tyre Working Group

    ARTSA is seeking members to join a Tyres Working Group.

    Members of the working group will provide feedback and advice about a number of current safety and productivity initiatives relating to tyres including:

    • A Code of Practice for Tyre Pressures
    • PBS Tyres
    • Policy development around Wide Single Tyres for Higher Mass Limits
    • This will include research in Pavement Wear, Air Pressures, Tyre life, payload improvements, vehicle dynamics improvements, pavement types, fuel efficiency.

    If you are interested in joining the working group please email exec@artsa.com.au


    Greg Rowe
    Executive Director
    Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Inc
    tel ‭0407 825 132

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