ARTSA Matters April 2018

Here are a range of issues and opportunities for ARTSA members. There are links to further details for those interested.

ARTSA Elections bring fresh talent to the Executive

The February elections at the ARTSA AGM returned the former Executive team at ARTSA including Chairman Dr Peter Hart and Deputy Chairmen Martin Toomey and Marcus Coleman.
Importantly it also added new Executive members in Glenn Hambleton from Air Brake Systems and Luke Callaway from Hendrickson. Together with the existing Executive team we have access to a formidable array of technical talent across the range of truck, trailer and component suppliers. Its a good start to 2018!

And for those who like to read meeting minutes, the devil is always in the detail. The February meeting minutes are here and also on the Members section of the ARTSA website. The password is hello.

Reform of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act

This reform known as the Road Vehicle Standards Act will replace the Motor Vehicle Standards Act in 2018.
It is currently before Parliament.
Its major changes include:
- improving consumer access to imported specialist and enthusiast vehicles;
- simplifying the process for importing vehicles through the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme (RAWS) while improving the quality assurance of those vehicles;
- simplifying the pathways for importing vehicles granted concessions against national vehicle standards;
- streamlining the supply of mainstream (full volume) new vehicles;
- strengthening the compliance and enforcement powers of the Department;
- enhancing and replacing IT systems utilised to support administration under MVSA; and
- clarifying suppliers’ recall responsibilities for all vehicles.

ARTSA reviewed these proposed Changes in our February meeting
They will have considerable impact over time (including extra cost) and will no doubt develop further as feedback and experience is gained. ARTSA's input has been via the TLG and SVSEG meetings and we will continue to make representations at that level. Marcus Coleman represents ARTSA at SVSEG and Ian Thomson attends TLG on ARTSA's behalf.

Engineers Registration Bill (Victoria)

Along with the Road Vehicle Services Act (above) this is another "ouch" change that could have considerable sting in the tail.
The Bill is before Parliament and ARTSA along with CVIAA and VACC have made extensive representations voicing our concerns. Our submission to the Parliamentary Committee outlines those concerns.
It is now down to individual and collective lobbying to enlist Opposition support (already gained) but now importantly support of the independents in the Upper House. Wayne Baker has done an outstanding job to lead this effort. If you feel you can help particularly with lobbying of the Upper House independents then please get in touch with myself on exec@artsa.com.au and I will pass on your details to Wayne.

ARTSA Articles on the web

Ever though there was a shortage of good technical articles on heavy vehicles? Well not so! ARTSA, courtesy of (mainly) Peter Hart producing a monthly technical article for publication in the Prime Mover Magazine. There are close to 100 technical articles on the ARTSA site.
All are eminently readable and the array of topics covers the field from the front bumper to the rear underrun.

So ignore TV for a night or two and take a look at the collection at ARTSA Articles.
And for those with writing skills we are always open to new authors - Wayne Baker recently authored the ball coupling article. Perhaps its your turn?

PBS kicking goals at Global Leader Summit

ARTSA Data will release an exclusive review of the 6000 PBS combinations representing over 15,000 registered PBS trucks and trailers at the Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders Summit on the 8th May.
The growth and trends in PBS have been nothing short of astounding and this report will for the first time lift the lid on the success of this scheme.
Even Australia's Chief Scientist and our keynote speaker has expressed strong interest in PBS!

The PBS report will be exclusive to the Global Leaders attendees and also ARTSA Data customers.

Registration for Global Leaders Summit is here and as previously offered, ARTSA members get two tickets for the price of one provided they bring a customer along. Simply purchase a full priced ticket and let me know at exec@artsa.com.au as to the details of your complimentary guest and I will do the rest.

ARTSA Data March quarter reports strong historic growth for new registrations

ARTSA’s prediction in September 2017 for annual growth in new registrations in heavy vehicles was 14.4% for calendar year 2017. The actual growth at year-end was a record at 20.2%.
The latest figures at end March 2018 now show annualised growth running at 21.7%. This equates to some 33,300 new units per annum that can be broken down into:
- Heavy Prime movers 6,300
- Heavy Trailers 11,000
- Heavy and Medium Duty Rigid trucks 16,000

These are average figures and the growth differs significantly between registration categories. ARTSA has detailed data on the entire registered park of some 0.9 million heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes. Read the free to air report here or you can purchase a subscription to ARTSA Data by contacting exec@artsa.com.au

That is it for April and I look forward to seeing you all at the ARTSA Global Heavy Vehicle Leaders Summit on the 8th May at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed). Its a one in a two year opportunity to learn about the road ahead for heavy vehicles. Don't miss it or you might miss the bus (or the truck, or the trailer....)!


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